Monday, March 27, 2006

Up Next: Tennessee

What's At Stake: Tell Your House Representatives - Vote NO On SJR-127

So, I hear South Dakota's anti-woman law now does allow a woman to have an abortion if carrying the pregnancy to term would kill her (real generous, those South Dakotan honkies, ain't they?). But Tennessee, the newest state to raise the red flag of woman-hating, now is readying a vote on a state constitution amendment making all abortions illegal - INCLUDING for women whose lives are at stake. No exclusions for rape &/or incest, which even most anti-abortion advocates agree to. Forced pregnancy for all women is the goal of these woman-haters.

I do not think the public referendum that South Dakotan choice advocates want is the way to go. I mean, would a public referendum on Jim Crow laws in 1950 have legitimized them? It's a dangerous move, and letting people vote on civil rights could be a public relations nightmare. It's not about what the majority of people want: it's about doing the right thing.

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