Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Fat Wednesday

Okay, okay: Ash Wednesday.

Arrived in the mail today: two (2) tickets to see Wilco at the masonic temple in Meridian, Miss.! The Temple seats a maximum of 1800 people, so I'm expecting an awesome intimate Wilco experience. Also, Meridian is hometown to one of the band's new members, Pat Sansone, whose name I have probably spelled wrong. My music scenester pals in Hattiesburg all know Pat from Back in the Day, and they say he has always seemed destined to be a Rock Star. Wilco isn't exactly the Rock Starriest of bands, but he couldn't have found a better national act to join. All the better.

I heart Wilco, and haven't seen them in ten years or so, since I lived in Lawrence, KS. I went with a grad school colleague who pronounced them "too un-ironically classic rock" for her taste. Well, she's a pretentious bastard, so fuck her anyway. Wilco has it all musically & lyrically and they put on a great show, and I got the tickets for the poet for his birthday, so we are going to have a big time and I don't have to work the next day and I haven't been this psyched about a concert in a VERY LONG TIME.

I used to work in NOLA with John Stirratt's then-girlfriend but they broke up ages ago so, alas, I got no hookup. Even my scenester Hattiesburg pal had no hookup. So we both had to spend ages on the redial to even get tickets. We so rock, I tell you.

check Wilco out: WilcoWorld

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