Friday, March 10, 2006

backyard wrestling.

Why is 20/20 doing a piece on "backyard wrestling," in which teenagers with videocameras "wrestle" in, you know, the BACK YARD? For one thing, backyard wrestling videos have been on the market for a solid five years. Don't even ask how I know this. Let's just say I heard about it from a friend whose boyfriend bought one, okay?

But more than that, shit is fucked up all over the place:

Germany is about to import tens of thousands of women for the upcoming World Cup games, install them in phone-booth-sized stalls, and proceed to sell them over, and over, and over again to football fans. How much you want to bet most of these women are practically slaves and were forced into prostitution? How many are underage or were trafficked as sex slaves while underage?

Also, there was a huge oil spill in Alaska. Sounds like it's bigger than the Valdez.

But no, teenage boys wrestling and breaking an arm or two, THAT is national news. What planet am I living on?? Who are these people?

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