Monday, June 26, 2006

Jezebella continues her jaunt.... episodes 5 & 6

Augusta,Georgia: very cool. great sized city, good vibe, the Morris Museum of Art is an outstanding museum of Southern art. It's in an office building, which is a little weird, but it's right on the river, next door to the Marriott, a few blocks from the downtown gallery/shopping street. Broad St., I think it was. Bought amazing skincare products from this little local shop, Cloud Nine, Body Yogurt yummy body moisturizer, a salt rub, and some shea butter, all amazing stuff. Also way cool earrings at Silver City. I could totally live in Augusta - it's just the right medium-sized kind of city. Plus people seem really nice and friendly in a southern way without being clubby and exclusive the way some small southern towns can be.

The Mississippi Delta: it's just hot up there, what can I say? Also, never accept a dinner invitation without inquiring whether the dinner is 1. a club meeting, and/or 2. followed by a guest speaker. I'm just sayin'. You might get trapped in an hour of self-involved speaking by a loathesomely inane local writer. It could happen to you. Don't let it. Do, however, make an appointment to visit Mama's Dream World Museum if you care for folk art or needlework.

Thence onward from the Delta to Oxford, MS: a great place to visit for a day. A day is all you need. Go to the Ole Miss Museum, go to the Faulkner House (Rowan Oak), and mosey around the Square for some recreational shopping. Square Books really is a fine independent bookstore. I bought the newest Margaret Atwood short story collection, a memoir about artists in East Hampton called De Kooning's Bicycle and a Moleskine notebook with squared (instead of lined) pages. We stayed at the Inn on campus, which is totally civilized, reasonably priced, and has an excellent pool. The breakfast is continental, so if you need protein, bring your own. Who ever heard of a college with its own hotel? Oxford is such a country club, I swear. It really is a pleasant place to spend a day but I could never live in such a country clubby environment. It'd get real old real fast. My friends who grew up there hated it.

Monday, June 19, 2006

I heart Magazine Street....

Spent Saturday afternoon down Magazine Street in NOLA, where Juan's Flying Burrito served me an outstanding veggie quesadilla, and Sophie's served me an outstanding little cup of chocolate creole-cream-cheese gelato. Plus all of the cute little shops were open, and there was almost a fistfight between a shop owner and a meth-head looking shoplifter, and it had just stopped raining so the steaming streets smelled vaguely of boiled crawfish.

All good. Seriously.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

coming soon...

...a new installment of Jezebella on Tour, as I am off today to Augusta, GA.

In the meantime, I have wasted multiple hours in the last day or so trying to get OpenOffice to work right. Their presentation module - "Impress" - is fine for text presentations, but it's a glitchy mofo when you're dealing with big graphic files. And every presentation I do is all pictures, all the time. It's crashy, it's buggy, and after it saves, the pictures get noisy and sometimes disappear altogether....I spent hours at work messing with it then tried it at home on the laptop. Uh uh. I'm just going to have to get the business office to suck it up and pay for real powerpoint.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Represent, y'all.

Here we be, modeling our new NOLA t-shirt:

Ferris, aka the Beast from the East, adopted me by getting locked into our tool shed when I was living on Morrison Road. He's a bully, but he loves his mama, and that's all that matters, right?

Bennet was a porch kitty on Claiborne, near Broadway. He's more refined than Ferris, and considerably nervous-er. Probably due to being raised by Ferris, the thug.

Representing Metairie, but born at Baptist Hospital as all proper New Orleanians are.

Get yr shirts & stickers at Dirty Coast