Friday, January 25, 2013

new role model

I have taken NCIS' Agent Gibbs as my new teaching role model. Except for the times when he's obsessive, mean, and irrational about a case, he's a good teacher. Firm, fair, clear expectations, high expectations, no bullshit. He's not ideal but I certainly don't want to be their mama or big sister or even their Auntie Mame. I'm going to give this a try for a while and see how it works out. So far I have four rules. Naturally, Rule Number One? "It's on the syllabus." I figure it's easier to drill them on Rule Number One than have it tattooed across my forehead, which was my other option.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

wait, what?

I have a blog? I totally forgot. Or, actually, I started teaching full-time and suddenly I had no time for nattering on my blog. Instead, I natter on Facebook and at my students, bless their hearts. That's pretty much all the news from Buttcrack. I'm commuting 30+ miles to new teaching job, because the housing market here is slooooow aaaaaaas molaaaaaasseeeeeesssss. One of these days I will sell my house and get out of this incredibly boring, red-state, christian-family-values, heteronormative hole of a town. What's sad is that this is actually one of the BETTER small towns in Mississippi, on account of there are jobs here. ANYhoo, hello bloggy readers, if there are any left. Come on by periodically and I shall do my best to natter blogularly on a more regular basis.