Monday, February 06, 2006

observations on arrival in Jackson

1. If Jackson, Mississippi, were a real town, things would be OPEN on SUNDAY. The bookstore, the mediterranean cafe, and most restaurants, really, were closed yesterday. All of Banner Hall, closed. Target doesn't open until noon. Jackson, I repeat, is NOT a real city. It is a cowtown masquerading as a city.

2. The Georgia O'Keeffe show at the Miss. Museum of Art is worth a visit. Intimate (yes, that means small) but containing some beautiful paintings, and with a weird curatorial point of view. It's all about the treatment & conservation of the paintings, which is just not all that exciting to me when you're talking about ordinary oil-on-canvas pictures of the 20th century. Excellent educational activities, nice photos of Georgia, and a few pictures I'd be happy to have living in my house. The tiny watercolors by Dean Mitchell in his show across the lobby are nice, too.

3. Keifer's: yum. Veggie gyro, cottage fries, and a cute, attentive waiter. What more could you want?

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