Friday, February 03, 2006

Immediate Moratoria

1. Do not take your children to work, every single day, or even just every day after school, and tune them out while they make large noises in the office. In fact, NEVER tune your children out when there are other humans present. Thank you.

2. Cell phone bloopy-beepy noises in pop music. What is that? Do you really want me to turn the music down to see if my phone is ringing? Cut it out!

3. Pajamas in public if you are old enough to walk. Why? WHY? I go to wallyworld as rarely as possible - quarterly at most - and last night, lo! unto my unbelieving eyes, what did I see? Women in pajamas, in public. One was just wearing the pants: shiny blue satiny pants with colorful blobs. (she was also wearing a graying oversized t-shirt with an insufficiently engineered bra). The other was wearing a pastel stripey set, both top and bottom, in jersey. Dear goddess: make it stop. It's not like they had stopped over at the corner-quicky-mart for some orange juice or smokes or something. Wallyworld, full carts, full-on shopping trip. Un-freakin-believable.

That is all.

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