Thursday, February 02, 2006

I blame Ben Franklin

Why must the Morning People be so smug? They say, "Why, *I* just can't sleep past six am!!" as though it is a sign of their discipline and their virtue as a human being. Implying, of course, that the late-to-bed, late-to-rise are lazy and less virtuous. Yet the Morning People, they are wired that way. The Night People, we are wired that way. I'd rather sleep from 2 am to 10 am, and what is wrong with that? I can be productive well past 9:30 pm when the Morning People are fast asleep. Yet the smug bastards act as though it is LAZY to be asleep at 9:30 am, and VIRTUOUS to be asleep at 9:30 pm.

I blame Ben Franklin.

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