Thursday, May 15, 2008

vegetarian victory moment

I was watching Hell's Kitchen the other night, and the head chef decided to run a taste test with the contestants. We're talking about 8 or 10 professional chefs, people who have trained and cooked for years, right? He had them taste three different dishes and try to figure out what was missing. The three dishes were a chicken pasta dish (tetrazzini, maybe?), beef stew, and sausage ravioli. They all guessed things like salt, pepper, cream, rosemary, this, that, the other. Nobody got it right.

Guess what was missing? The meat! HA! Every one of those dishes was made with fake meat and NONE of them noticed. How awesome is that?

Next time some carnivore gets up my snout about how fake meat is so, so terrible, I'm just gonna point and laugh.

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