Friday, May 02, 2008

in which I respond to my search strings

If you are looking for news of Barbara Menendez, go to and you can search YouTube for Cold videos.

Anything re: jezebel, cogitor, cat's cradle, chrysalis, the guild, and the golden age of WWIV BBSes in the 504, there ain't much out there, but you can try: If you happen to know Chrysalis, tell her I said hi. She was an amazing mentor when I was a newbie.

If you're looking for Brian "BS" Wayson, try Portland, OR. Don't tell him I sent you. He's an ass and you're better off not finding him. If you read on his high school alumni website that he's was killed by an ex, that's bullshit. His idea of a "joke."

What to wear to a dissertation defense: a navy suit, a non-low-cut shirt, glasses if you've got 'em (they make you look smarter!), and bring a bottle of water. You can buy time on answering your interrogators by taking a long swig of water. Even better, wear pajamas and defend via speakerphone.

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Moe BS said...

you crack me up!