Friday, May 16, 2008

liveblogging Battlestar Galactica 05.16.08

How did Gaius find out about Roslin's shared vision with Six and Athena?

When did Apollo get to be such an asshole?

So Tigh is getting in touch with his Cylon ESP, looks like.

[Seriously, people, who the fuck is Tony Stewart?]

I see a hitch: the four who are hidden clearly do *not* know where Earth is. And what if the Five don't want to go with the other Cylons? I guess that makes two hitches.

Oh! And what about Nick Tyrol? What will happen to him if Daddy has to leave with the Cylon rebels?

Why is Gaeta obsessed with being awake during the amputation? And when will that poor guy get laid?

OMG! Tory is busted! Oh man, and here goes another person asking Tory to prostitute herself for information. That is SO not cool.

What is with Gaeta singing? There's always weirdness around singing on this show.

And the question remains: Kara is the harbinger of WHOSE death? Tricksy hybrid! With her pronouns with unclear antecedents!

Hey, a little face time for Dualla. Haven't seen her in a while.

So what's the fallout here? Six is dead, she can't stall for time, and that means Leoben may not have enough time to undo their double-cross. IF he was planning on undoing it at all. I'm not even convinced Sharon killed the right Six - it seems like it was the Six in the brig that was going to be taking Hera. Is she thinking of killing every Six she sees?

[preview of next episode]

Sure looks like Tigh done knocked up Prisoner Six. Dang.

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