Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Loving these: Arthur Wesley Dow prints

I have got a giant case of WANT:

Arthur Wesley Dow
Snowy Peak, Los Angeles, about 1912

Color linocut
3 9/16 x 5 13/16 in. [462-1]

This is one of a whole series of fantastic little woodcuts and linocuts in a current Hirschl and Adler exhibition. Inspired by Japanese Edo period woodblock prints, but simplified, at a smaller scale, more intimate. More hand-made feeling, you know? Also, I love that this is Los Angeles. I mean, really: L.A.? Used to look like that? Who knew? It wasn't even all that terribly long ago. And the shrubberies, they kind of look like centipedes, so I get this kind of visual bounce back & forth from alien-looking wormy things meandering across the landscape to these homely little chubby shrubberies.

Go, look at all of them:

Along Ipswich River: Color-prints by Arthur Wesley Dow

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