Monday, November 17, 2008


to the middle of North Carolina on two small planes, fifty-seaters, the one to Memphis just fine but the one to Greensboro bumpy. turbulence is my kryptonite, adrenaline pumps open wide the nanosecond my stomach swoops in free fall. thankfully the klonopin shuts them back down after momentary panic, without it they stay wide open and i am virtually incapacitated the rest of the flight.

people in airports, they clutch their cell phones like lifelines: to email, voicemail, family, work, a ride home. nobody puts them away in pocket or bag, me included, I'm plugged into mine, listening to wilco's lament, sunglasses on, hiding in plain sight. half the riders open up their cells the minute we land and permission is given, all saying one thing: "we've landed, we're on the ground, see you soon."


Auberginefleur said...

Are you practising your Engrish? Or is this a poem on flying and cellphone usage? In any case, "I'm Loving It"--Mickey D's slogan in Japan.

What are you up to girl?! Email me sometimes!

Jezebella said...

Just downloading the words crowding my thoughts, so, I wouldn't call it poetry, no. But thanks.