Thursday, April 24, 2008

Icon of 'Oughties Design

I've lately become obsessed with the Apartment Therapy website. They're running a design contest for "Small Cool" spaces that are lived in by actual people - not designed for photographic purposes only. I haven't counted *exactly* but it seems to me that almost half of the people own the Ikea PS cabinet, mainly in white but occasionally in red. And I confess, I kind of covet it, especially now that I've visited the website and see that it's only $99, AND it's made of metal, not particle board. I have vowed to never again buy particle board ANYTHING, so the majority of Ikea products are not coming into my house. The Ikea PS cabinet, though, it's pretty hot. Especially in red.

Unfortunately, I have a feeling the Ikea PS will become a diagnostic of 'Oughties design. So: buy something cheap that will be dated in a few years because it gives you the grins, or pass it by because, really, you don't *need* a new TV cabinet? I just can't decide.


Cara-he said...

Oh dear Jez. I have quickly become addicted. And may have to acquire an air filter thingy.


Jezebella said...

I KNOW! That website is made with internet crack, I swear. And an air filter is now on my shopping list. I've got an old noisy one in my living room, but I want a cool new quiet one for the bedroom.

Cara-he said...

Ok, well. I went out today and got an air filter. The test run is tonight.

Now I'm trying to decide if I can afford a proper fishtank, or if I should just give up and get humidifiers for every room.

(Because I already have a minimum of 2 fans in each room of my teeny apartment. Apparently my goal is to have *the most perfect air in the world*(TM).)

redhead said...

I LOVE that cabinet. I almost bought it, but I left my IKEA gift card at home, so I had to settle for cheap lamps and shit.