Friday, April 25, 2008

liveblogging Battlestar Galactica

So: Tigh and Tyrell want to feel their emotions, despite the pain, but Tory, she says she can just turn it all off. Interesting gender division.

Did Tyrell mean to get himself demoted or not? Did he forget to change out that tube doodad because he's exhausted & distracted, or because his Secret Cylon Programming made him? Boomer never remembered her acts of sabotage before she realized she was a Cylon.

Now that Tigh's using Cylon projection to see Caprica Six as his dead wife, it gives me another piece of evidence for the notion that Baltar IS a Cylon after all, since he is obviously using projection when he sees his own personal Six.

If I ever need chemo, I want Edward James Olmos to come read to me.

Is Baltar really being religious? Is he sincere or just playing the role? "You are perfect, just as you are?" Really? Has he been watching "Bridget Jones' Diary"?

[commercial aside: who the hell is Tony Stewart?]

I was wondering where Kara and Anders were this episode. Looks like we're getting lots of 'em next week.

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