Tuesday, March 18, 2008

8 Random Things About Me

I've been tagged.

1. I've lived in five cities in four states.

2. I used to have hot pink hair.

3. My first two cars were minty-green 1981 Honda Accords. The five-speed was way more fun to drive than the automatic I replaced it with.

4. My next tattoo will either be a fleur-de-lys or a Hello Kitty.

5. I never plan to get married again, but I like to read Manolo for the Brides anyway.

6. I have a weakness for men in kilts and firemen in turnout gear.

7. I rilly, rilly must never drink Jagermeister again. Rilly.

8. Pink and purple are my favorite colors.

Who shall I tag?

Karen, Jenifer, and Gentaggard. I was totally going to tag Jo, but Cara beat me to it.


Adela said...

Hi, Jezebella, thanks for your note! I wne through some old files last night and would you believe I found some political discussions we had back in ca. 1993-4 on Cat's Cradle. I was most active on the New Orleans boards in 1991-92, after which I went to Chicago for grad school, and really missed the NO boards, so I called back to play again. It was fun. Do you remember a guy who went by the alias Pundit? I would love to get back in touch with him. It's been a long time. Love, Guennie

Jezebella said...

Cheers, Guennie! No, I don't remember Pundit. Have you checked at BBSMates.com? Some of the old NOLA WWIV gang are signed up there. Shinobi, Slasher, Cogitor, Fuckhead, Cerridwen, the usual Ugly Truth/Guild suspects, I guess.

I was probably most active about the same time. Cogitor introduced me to BBSing in 91 or 92, so I guess we were both there about the same time. I left for Kansas in late 95, and the old boards were probably all gone by 96/7.

Good times. ;)

Adela said...

No, never heard of it! I just logged on, what a blast from the past. Actually it makes my brain hurt a bit, can't remember all the places I used to call. Wish you could search by year. But lots of fun, thanks for the suggestion!