Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I know, I know

I'm a lazy blogger. Very, very lazy. Times are strange and urgent. The election is looming. If you live in Mississippi, you have until Friday - DAY AFTER TOMORROW - to register to vote. Way to enfranchise the populace, State of Mississippi! Make the deadline a month ahead of the election! Awesome!! At least we've done away with poll taxes and testing, those time-tested ways of keeping people from voting.

I'm worried about voter fraud, but not worried enough. I'm worried about the economy, but probably not worried enough. I can't even worry about the polar bears because if I think about them, I will end up in a ball on the floor, weeping. I mean, the polar bears! They drown! It's AWFUL. See? Now I'm all weepy. Must think of something else.

Should I lay in a year's worth of rice and beans? Is there any money left in my IRA? Should I move to Canada and freeze my tits off for six months a year for the rest of my life?

There are certainties. Sarah Palin? A nightmare. No more a feminist than I am a giraffe. McCain? Same nightmare, different plumbing, more power. Watch the video, then go donate some money to Planned Parenthood in the name of Sarah Palin. They'll send her a little thank-you note for your honoring her with your donation. Anti-woman policies may sound like a lot of theoretical woo to some people, but on the ground, in our real lives? Women are suffering from them. They can't afford birth control, or pap smears, or pre-natal care. You know who helps them with that? Planned Parenthood. Send 'em a few bucks. Note that the following is a production of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, which is legally a separate entity from the PP that runs clinics and provides healthcare for women and free contraceptives to anyone who walks in the door. Srsly. You need some condoms? Walk in the door and they will hand you some. No shit. Free. Go! Glove up!

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jael said...

a trip to nepal will help ease all that ails you
Yaks, beeeeatuiiful scenery, a change! (far better than just another job. That's not the type of radical transformation that'll shake yo up fundamentally - it's what you come back to AFTER you act of holiday ephifany) and...
:) :) :)
(hug) be not too worried. Things could always be much, much, much worse. And they're not right now, and they may never be. No point worrying about may never come to pass. Right now, is OK. And now is the only time there ever is. Be prepeared, don't be worried. Counter productive.

(And DO NOT stockpile food. Not unless you're moving to the wilderness. You ever seen rioters? If it gets to the point you need that food, you're fucked, cause your neighbors will be after you, unless you're giving it all away. IF you must stockpile, stockpile for your community, not for you)

(But next April when we go to NEPAL! - Jez, you should think about that a lot! :)