Wednesday, October 08, 2008

budget woes

Cats! Are! Expensive!

To wit: four sets of annual shots; visit, bath, and shot for nervous cat chewing his fur off; shot and pills for itchy snorty cat; worm pills for two wormy cats; ethical healthy food for the inside cats; flea juju x4; two kinds of cat litter; cheap-ass cat food for the outside feral cats; and Feline Greenie Pill Pockets which are a freakin godsend if you need to get a pill down a cat's throat, no shit, y'all, get some if you ever need to pill a cat. I can't even bring myself to add up the total cost of all that, to tell you the truth. Cats! They're expensive! And poopy!

Plus, soon, as an added bonus, soon I'll have to trap the feral cats under the house and get them spayed/neutered, so that the colony of five doesn't turn into a colony of forty by the end of the year.

Perhaps I could call my congressperson and get added to the bailout. I'm kind of in over my head here.

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Hazel Stone said...

I think I am going to try to write off my cat expenses this year as "vermin control" since I have a duplex and maintainance costs are deductible.