Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Chantix dreams, nights one and two

They are NOT JOKING AROUND when they say you might have "vivid dreams" when you take Chantix.

Night one: I am roommates with Peyton Manning and several other people. He needs a ride downtown, but first I must find socks in the large communal closet. One dresser is six drawers of socks - three drawers mine, three his. I throw out several shirts in my quest for a clean shirt. We go downtown and hang out in his swanky hotel room. He changes into much-too-small denim shorts and I get him to wear normal pants. We hang out some more. Then he needs a ride to the game. The playoff game, which in this context is the Sunday before the SuperBowl. Peyton is charming and tall and funny, as one would expect him to be.


Night two: I have a dream that I am part of a group of photographers trying to get pics of Paul McCartney. He lets some of us in and I discover I have my lenses, but no camera body, in my bag. I take out a notebook and start writing down everything he says. There are several pools in the backyard, and a diving board. We walk around the back yard, and the pools, and through the house. I have been in the housed before, house-sitting, but he doesn't know it. Someone else hired me to do it while he was out of town. Pool/backyard morphs into a raggedy beach "resort" with a pier. At the end of the pier is sort of a surf hut/bar/hangout. Dominic Monaghan (of Lord of the Rings and Lost) is there, and he is dirty. Like, clearly, he has been sleeping rough, out there on the beach, and needs a shower. We keep taking walks out down a levee,then back again. There is much rooting in fridges for beverages. Sometimes beer, sometimes soda. The kitchen is filthy in the way an undergrad party house is filthy. But there's beer in multiple fridges. Dominic Monaghan is hitting on me, but he really needs a shower.

So, night three is tonight. I wonder which random celebrity will be featured in this one.

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