Sunday, February 25, 2007

splain me this

Last Tuesday afternoon, deep into the funk of a fresh new flu, I was ensconced on my couch watching bog-knows-what on the television. Trash, no doubt. Sniffling, coughing, etc. Right? Suddenly someone is in my driveway honking. I ignore it. They honk again, and again, insistently. I think, "Well, perhaps they are trying to pick someone up and have the wrong address. I will open the door a smidge and let them know I'm not who they're looking for." As I'm in my pajamas, I peek out the door as the person is honking (AGAIN) and she starts shouting to me, asking about the status of the house next door. Her engine is running, it's desperately in need of a tune-up, and she has imperiously honked until *I* came outside to answer her fucking stupid ass questions. Jeezus. NO, I do not know if it's for rent. Do you see a sign? I don't. NO, I also do not know if it is for sale, or rent-to-own, as noted previously: there's no sign. No, I don't know who owns the fucking house. If I did, I'd call them and tell them to clean the place up. This whole conversation, mind you, held while she sits regally in her loud-ass car and I am on the porch in PJs. Apparently she couldn't be bothered to step out of her fucking car like a civil human being and knock politely on my door. NO, I had to come outside and shout over her engine. Who does that? Seriously? Who the fuck does that?

At the end of the conversation she says, "Sorry I woke you up," as though I was a lazy motherfucker who should've been awake at 2 pm and I said, "Actually, I'm home sick." Instead of apologizing she said, I swear, "I've been sick for three weeks." Which information is of no use to me.

I really am left with a giant case of What The Fuck here, because since when is it my job to come out of my house to answer your random questions upon being summoned by your horn?

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