Saturday, February 24, 2007

oh, jeebus.

pole dancing parties

That liberal-media-bastion, the New York Times, is at it again. Herewith, a story about women going to "pole dancing parties," learning to pole dance because it's good exercise, because it'll make their men happy, and of course buying some new shoes in the process. Christ. Where do you start with crap like this?

Let's start with this lovely quote:

It taps into this kind of exhibitionism, or show-womanship, among younger women who did not grow up with the gender politics of the sexual revolution

Uh-huh, right: the sexual revolution ended in 1973, and there have been NO GENDER POLITICS since then. This is code for: "young women who have been fooled into thinking feminism has done its job because women are allowed to have jobs & votes." I call bullshit. I also note that most of the women interviewed were over 35, and many were in their 40s and 50s. I'm guessing most of these women remember the fight for ERA, women's liberation, and the sexual revolution. Hell, *I* remember the sexual revolution, or at least phase two of it.

Here's another choice nugget:

...most of its instructors were stay-at-home mothers looking to earn a little extra at night after their children were in bed — though one man signed up with his wife, she said.

“He knows how the men benefit after the party,” Ms. Huitema said.

Ah, yes, because men with stay-at-home wives don't get any benefits at ALL from that relationship, right, until mommy tucks the kids in, straps on a g-string and some stilettos, and starts hanging off a greased pole. Woohoo! Suddenly, the life of the husband has some bright little light in it: he can get his pornified sexbot at home, in his own bedroom, instead of online or at the titty bar!

This, however, takes the cake:

"Their entire world is reduced to caretaking, and this is sort of the opposite of that"

Actually, NO, it's exactly the same thing as that: it's taking care of their husbands' sexual desires, not their own. They're just going from taking care of children to taking care of men.

Naturally, it's being billed as "empowering," because, as we all know, conforming to the sexbot ideal is empowerful. Really! Spend your voluminous spare time acting out your husband's adolescent fantasies! Spend a lot of money on a pole and some trashy shoes! It's GOOD FOR YOU!


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