Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I See Lazy Gringos

Men Not Working, and Not Wanting Just Any Job - New York Times:

...whose wives, when they have them, apparently enable them in their lazy ways. Get this slice of shit pie:

"Their two incomes are not enough to cover expenses, which bothers Mrs. Beggerow, although not enough to badger her husband to take a job, any job. She respects him too much for that, she says."

Bless his poor widdle heart, the Big Important Man doesn't want a less-than-perfect job, so he's gonna sit on his ass reading novels all day when he could be working. I bet these lazy-asses vote Republican and are opposed to welfare, but that's exactly where they'll land if they don't get off their princess asses and get a job.

Gawd: entitlement, it's the fucking theme song of the patriarchy and it makes me want to spit.

Arrogant, lazy, entitled motherfuckers. I especially am fond of the ones who figure if they don't work, they won't have to pay child support. That's nice.

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