Friday, March 02, 2012

the pollen

I have a cold, I've got my period, and the entire town of Buttcrack is covered in a layer of yellow pollen. Oak? Pine? Who the hell knows? All I know is that it's trying to kill me. I've missed 4 of the 7 classes I teach this week and slept approximately 16 hours per day. Today, Friday, I have spent the afternoon in my bed watching TV on my laptop. Caught up with Project Runway All-Stars (I'm sorry, but Jerrell's tacky India costume should've sent him home before Mila last week). And I hate to admit it, but Kenley should've won the technology/lights challenge. I think the pink wig made it too Nicki Minaj but the outfit was better than Austin's, at least from what I could see.

Caught up with Downton Abbey - really, the noble English family is going to go testify for a valet at his murder trial? Doubtful. And give them Christmas presents AND a servants' ball? It's all too much. Yes, of course, Matthew and Mary, ever after, blah de blah... but Mary's been such an asshole, I'm not sure she deserves to be happy ever after. I suppose that's a bit harsh, but all of the Crawleys and Granthams were assholes over the last few episodes, especially the one where everybody has the flu. Which is not to say I won't be eagerly watching Season Three just as soon as it comes back.

Last but not least, I am watching Once Upon a Time, which has this feminist subtext in addition to ALL of the interesting and complex characters being female. The male characters are eye-candy or two-dimensional, except for Rumplestiltskin, I suppose, but he's still pretty pathetic all in all.

And now, it being past 7 pm, I believe I will take a shot of Nyquil and go to bed.

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