Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dear Omnivores:

For the record, omnivores, it is none of your fucking business what I eat, what I wear, or where I shop. Mind your own business and I won't regale YOU with tales of battery cages, veal barns, and slaughterhouses, mmmkay?

I am SO FUCKING SICK of drive-by anti-veg*an snark showing up in my life, like some bird just flew over and shit on my head. Really, people: MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. Argh.

And, just so you know, we've heard it all before:


tinfoil hattie said...

I can't imagine what there is to criticize about being vegan. Seriously. I am an omnivore, but to criticize you for NOT being one?

Not understanding it at all. Frankly, vegans like you have me really re-considering everything about the way I eat. So, thanks.

Jezebella said...

I'm not yet a vegan, still a vegetarian. I honestly don't know why people think it's okay to just snipe at vegetarians randomly, or to even care what we eat, but it is totally on my last nerve right now.

Saurs said...

tinfoil, take a gander at feministe or one of those sites, and you'll see a bunch of dicks working themselves into a nice, self-righteous huff over evil vegan restaurants... you know, the ones currently taking over the world? 'Cos you can't go anywhere these days without vegans trying to eat their gross vegetables in front of you, or whatever, those bastards. And don't get the feministe people started on kids! Kids are the devil, vegans and folk with food intolerances are oppressive by simply existing, and BDSM is jus' fine, empowering stuff.

Rajesh said...

Jez, I agree. Vegans are hounded in India as well! But then, so are the omnivores! Hillarious post though.

Jezebella said...

Ah, Saurs, thanks for reminding me why I broke up with Feministe. I totally wish that vegan restaurants *would* take over the world. I can barely get decent vegetarian food here in Buttcrack, MS.

Saurs said...

Jezebella, if it's been a while, and you feel just a tad masochistic, Jill Filipovic's got another whinging post up about the trials and tribs of being an "omnivore" living with an evil vegan roommate, or summat. I can't really stomach reading that sort of fluff right now, but I imagine it's comparable in tone to the posts she writes about evil mothers, obviously trying to impose their stifling worldviews upon child-free folk by taking up room in Jill's favorite bars, sticking their boobs and their howling babies in people's faces and having the nerve to go outside when they should shut themselves up in a darkened room for the next twenty years to pay for their sins.

Feministe folk have this strangely blinkered attitude about what one can or cannot tolerate -- you can't say dick about "neurotypical" dudes being creeps when they stalk you on trains, but following a bust-up over diets, all the regulars rush in to subsequent threads to bleat merrily and snarkily about the PC police and how they're not "allowed" to have opinions about vegans/moms/poor white folk/anti-porn folk because they'll be "chastised," the poor, delicate souls. Blargh.

I'm with you on the vegan restaurants. I've been to one or two on extended holidays, and they always go out of their way to cater to meat-eaters (usually with separate kitchens, I think? same with gluten-free places?), anyway, so I don't see what's so controversial about them, apart from the fact that they offend the sort of people who think that vegans exist solely to persecute them and that vegans are deiberately joyless, possessing a social consciousness or simply different taste apparently not reasonable enough defenses.

Jezebella said...

I think I'll pass on the article, since it'll just make me feel sorry for her vegan roommate, having to live with an obnoxious martyr of an omnivore who seems to think that other people's food choices are their business. It's like saying gay marriage is bad for one's own personal hetero marriage... just does not compute to me.

And as someone who is child-free by choice, I realize my tolerance for wildly noisy children is lower than that of people who know how to tune out child-noise, but I just hate it when people get all assy about kids being in public places. It's like Twisty says: children are an oppressed class, and anyone who categorically dislikes/hates children is an oppressive patriarchal jerk. I think I'm entitled to dislike certain children of my acquaintance for being jerkwads of the highest order, but children as a class? No, snarking about the Rotten Children of Today is intolerable bigotry.

Um, I'm ranting. And this is why I must limit my exposure to the bloggers and commentariat at Feministe.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this! Thank you! I've heard just about every one of those fallacious rationalizations and they drive me nuts. The whole "but what about the suffering plants?" falls apart REAL fast when you know that every single person who says that would kill a plant over his/her pet without batting an eyelash. Hypocritical assholes.

Hey if people are gonna eat meat, fine, but they come across as real guilty when they keep getting in other people's faces and making excuses for it over and over again.

roughseasinthemed said...

Goodness!! I get succinct one-liners on my v*gan food/recipe posts - you get phd essays.

I could add at least another two rows to the bingo card.

I've added a recipe page to my itchy feet blog to stick all the recipes together for easy reference, don't know if that is of interest. I'll stick a (vegan) pizza one up tomorrow.


Jezebella said...

Ooh, vegan pizza, yes please! Alas, I cannot get the fancy new vegan cheese that everyone is on about, not here in Buttcrack, not yet.

roughseasinthemed said...

I've never had decent vegan cheese. I just find it easier to do without, starts to taste a bit too rich after a while anyway. Damn! Forgot I said I would post it up today - better get on with it :D