Thursday, April 07, 2011

Succumbing to the ordinary

I am watching as a friend succumbs to the ordinary, to the script that was laid out for him at birth by this dumbfuck town he was born into, and it is depressing as hell. Soon he will get a factory job, marry his dumbass redneck infant of a girlfriend, go to church twice a week, and raise more dumbass rednecks who think the likes of Glenn Beck aren't lying, poisonous sacks of shit. It's like watching somebody sink beneath the surface.


Sarah said...

All of us from small towns (and probably lots of us from big cities too, though in a different way) see this kind of thing happen to our good friends from the old days. I try to shrug it off so long as they are happy, and try to be happy for them.

Jezebella said...

I'm not sure he's happy. I think he's just given up. It would be easier if he was happy, though, you're right.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Not all rednecks are dumb. Using the word as an automatic epithet? That IS dumb.


--redneck to the core, with politics more red than yours

Jezebella said...

You are correct, ma'am, that not all rednecks are dumbasses. But some are. And the one he's dating is definitely a dumbass. I often use the term "redneck" withOUT the "dumbass" qualifier since there be a difference. The term "redneck" isn't the insult here; the term "dumbass" is. I suppose I'm just naming the dumbass varietal (rather than, say, "dumbass hipster" or "dumbass gang-banger").