Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Dear Rich White Ladies:

Memo to Rich White Ladies Blocking Traffic at 8:30 A.M.:

Yeah, you! The three rich white ladies pushing strollers, side by side, filling an entire lane of 5th Avenue? Yeah. Cut that out. Pronto. Just because you are rich white Republican mommies doesn't mean you own the roads. I realize this is brand new information, so I'm gonna give you a second to absorb it.

There. Got it? The roads, they were not built for your strolling convenience.

You happen to live in the only neighborhood in town with sidewalks. USE THEM. The roads, as it happens, are there for people with cars to get to work. You've heard of that, right? Jobs, which people go to in order to get paid? I have one of those, and I have to drive my crappy car down the road to get to it, so GET. OUT. OF. THE. STREET.



Sarah said...

Wait... so you're saying... let me see if I get this right... roads were built for people... other than rich white people? CRAZY TALK! RUN AWAY!

Jezebella said...

I know, right? I swear, no amount of giving them the stink-eye even fazes them. The entitlement: it burns!

Jezebella said...
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