Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So, I watched a little American Idol last night, which doesn't happen all that often. Normally I watch some of the early episodes, but then when they start making the kids do group medley numbers like some sort of high school misfits club - only not as awesome as Glee - that is when I quit.

ANYhoo, they showed a montage of people who showed up with Adam Lambert's hair, and one of them was Daniel Franco, the designer who was on TWO seasons of Project Runway. Daniel, in case you are not a PR nut like me, is a strange mixture of sweet, intense, a little crazy, talented, a little celebrity-hungry, and just, just THISCLOSE to occasionally being a little bit creepy. But I think that's because he's so intense. And he's always telling Heidi Klum that he loves her. I'm pretty sure he's in his 30s and thus too old for American Idol, but he got in the door somehow. I have a vague recollection of him singing show tunes in the sewing room with some of the other designers, but I could be confusing him with the other 400 show-tune singing designers that have been on PR.

I think he's kind of adorable and kind of completely from outer space. In fact, when I win the lottery, I think I might hire him to be my personal couturier. I think he actually *likes* women, as opposed to thinking women make conveniently mobile dress hangers for their ARTISTIC CREATIONS.

I would like to note, by the way, that Adam Lambert did not invent backwards hair. Emo boys have been wearing their hair like that for years. Shit, redneck nurses and Kate Gosselin have been sporting the rooster in the back/backwards in the front look for at least five years. Are the American Idol producers so out of touch with the rest of America that they think anyone with backwards hair is copying Adam Lambert? I think it's their job to be on top of what's popular, yeah?


LoriElsa said...

I was just going through some

other people's blogs and had to

stop at this one.

What a pretty picture this is.

I like it even more now that it's


Azalea said...

I saw the drama on SP. Good to see you're still fighting the good radfem fight.

Jezebella said...

Thanks. I totally could've been more diplomatic, but I thought I was amongst the like-minded. I had no idea they had such a draconian comment policy based on whether the mod happens to like the commenter or not. It's also charming to read comments demanding explanations and ripping into me when I can't defend myself. So much for discourse.

Tinfoil Hattie said...

HM, just skated over here from SP. I was reading the first post about "here's our comments policy," and I wrote that nobody has to comment on a blog or even read it if they don't like it.

After subesequently reading the fashion thread, I think I'll take my own advice at SP from now on. What a hateful pile-on.

And yeah, as a radfem, I too hold the sacriligeous opinion that there is nothing subversive or edgy or cool at all about a man's dressing like society's idea of a "woman" - make-up, heels, long gowns, etc. I find it quite insulting.

I find the gender binary to be the most essentialist of all, frankly. Why does one have to dress "like a woman" or "like a man" in order to feel like or be a woman or a man?

Anyway. I too loved the "Let's BAN JEZEBELLA and then TRASH HER!" tactic.

Azalea said...

Yeah, I've been feeling like maybe Twisty's too radical for me sometimes, whereas the likes of Feministe and Feministing are often not radical enough (and Shakesville's not even feminist at all IMHO because it's ovverrun by Libral Dudes). But I thought I'd found in SP somewhere I felt more or less comfortably ideologically aligned. But that whole commenting section left a bad taste in my mouth.