Wednesday, June 24, 2009

so hot no one knows how to act

So I'm walking up to the door of my fave tex-mex joint here in Buttcrack yesterday at noonish, and this little brown mouse comes HAULING ASS up the sidewalk past me. I thought it was a bird or something. I mean, who sees mice running around on hot pavement in broad daylight?* WTF? Fortunately he cruised past the entrance and took off towards the dumpster. I think he was disoriented by the heat. His little toesies were probably fixin to blister from the hot cement. Normally I'm a steady proponent of the "mice aren't cute" school, but this little guy was kind of ballsy, and I guess I appreciate that in a rodent. As long as it's not at MY house.

*You know, "broad" daylight, as opposed to the other kind of daylight. Which is, um, uh... I don't know. Not broad.


intransigentia said...

Well, there's twilight, shadows by daylight, daylight with fog.... At least mousie didn't sit there at the threshold looking like he was fixin to come in like the ones under my back porch.

AF said...

This reminds me, I seriously have to post on cockroaches and big MF rats in Tokyo.

Still waiting for you to decide to move here, where men are easy.

Jezebella said...

Heh. The men may be easy, but the Japanese language is NOT.

I do wish I could wear yukata all the time. So pretty, such nice fabrics. You can't get clothes in the US made of fabrics and patterns like those.