Thursday, May 14, 2009

not feeling cromulent

Nor like embiggening the discourse. Instead, I feel ranty. Very, very ranty.
Why? Because I'm pissed off at patriarchy, at rape culture, pop culture, agritheomedicorporatocracy, workplace bullies, fake organic milk, ludicrous pollen levels caused by mass plantings of cloned male trees, animal cruelty, arrogant rude omnivores, whiny dudes, homophobes, beauty pageants, dude-centric "science", evo-psych pseudo-science, people who won't vaccinate their children, religion (ALL OF IT!), the sky, the earth, and everything in between. You name it, it's on my shit list today. I don't think men are fit for leaving the house without a chaperone, a muzzle, and a leash. I'm sick of their shit. I'm sick of the violence, the rape, the entitlement, the whining, the incessant fucking bloviating, and the owning and running every goddamn thing. They need a time-out, and a long one, and when they've carefully mulled over the reasons for their time-out, they might, maybe, POSSIBLY, be allowed to go open their mouths again. Asses.


minerva said...

"ludicrous pollen levels caused by mass plantings of cloned male trees"
- wow. Eye-opener. May seem trite to some, but I find this horribly useful and symbolic that my terrible tree-pollen allergies, having gotten worse over the years, makes an arc that co-incides pretty much exactly with my ongoing education in feminism and patriarchy-blaming.

And the image of city planners privileging the male tree all these years, with its millions of white pollen spores spewing into the air, is not lost on me either.

The trees really *are* after me.

Jezebella said...

Yup. The patriarchy: you're soaking in it.