Friday, April 24, 2009

I kind of love Texas.

Went to college in San Antonio, spent a few years in Austin during the slacker years, but on the whole, Texas has been a little douchebaggy of late, there's no denying it. I mean, I've got a passport, so I could visit for Taco Cabana and visits with my college friends, but if no Texan ever became president again, that would be A-OKAY with me, ya know?


mighty jo said...

he isn't a bona-fide texan--just someone who assimulated his version of what a texan is.... (i'll always love texas & never believe him to be a texan)

Jezebella said...

It's so true. The Bushes are carpetbaggers, I don't care how many giant honking trucks and ranchettes they purchase. Everybody knows they "live" in Texas so they don't have to pay state income taxes.