Tuesday, February 05, 2008

unpack THIS!

Having solved all of our economic, racial, educational, and environmental problems here in the Magnolia State, three arrogant, deluded, fat-hating Mississippi politicians want to make it illegal to serve an obese person in a restaurant.

Warning: Fat People Hatred Inside

I quote:

"Any establishment to which this section applies shall not be allowed to serve food to anyone who is obese."

"This section" applies to all restaurants licensed by the state. In other words: all restaurants in the state.

Reps. Mayhall, Read, and Shows hate fat people. Oh, and get this: it's two Republicans and one Democrat. So nice to know our politicians can cross the aisle and agree on things that REALLY MATTER.

The Health Department is designated as the enforcer. What, will they put medical scales and calculators at each door? "Hm, let's see....weight, height, ooooh, too bad, you're just over the [almost entirely useless and ever-changing] BMI designation "obese." No food for you, fattie!"

And this, my internet friends, is Mississippi Dumbfuckistan at its finest.

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