Friday, May 18, 2007


I haven't really talked about New Orleans much lately because it's such a complex topic. Mainly, I describe it as an entire city with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Some people are coping, others aren't, a lot of people are medicated, and a lot of relationships are going down the toilet. On the other hand, a lot of people have re-prioritized, are pursuing their dreams more aggressively, and re-committed to their relationships. It's complicated. I can tell you this much: most everybody could use a little therapy, and I've just heard that the Red Cross has a new funding initiative to assist Katrina, Rita, and Wilma survivors with mental health care. Coverage is retroactive to August 30, 2005, so people who've already had therapy or paid for meds can get reimbursed.

Here's the 411:

American Red Cross Access to Care program

Call 866-794-4673


Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm glad I happened to find your blog. Yes, New Orleans is so bad these days. I'm just outside of Baton Rouge now. I was on four times the antidepressants I used to take, then recently started having serious side effects and am now switching. My 88 yar old grandmother hasn't been the same since Katrina - went from old but feisty to confused and frail since the house flooded and she & my grandfather had to live in a FEMA trailer. My mother-in-law just got back in to her house for Christmas 2006...she had lost her husband right before Katrina. And the worst, for me, is that my mom moved away for good - my best friend, more valuable than any material possessions. So many people far from here are just clueless about it.

I used to blog at this same site, but lately I've switched to's
The last few blogs have been mostly about Iraq because of Memorial Day and because I'm mega-pissed off about last week's war funding vote. Anyway, that's an introduction. I'll keep your blogs on my "favorites" and check back!


Jezebella said...

Hey, thanks for visiting! Nice blog title, by the way. Did you find me via I Blame the Patriarchy, perhaps?

My mom and dad are getting ready to leave NOLA, maybe only to the North shore, but possibly all the way to a Carolina, which is just going to suck. They've been homebase out in Metry for my whole life, y'know?