Wednesday, April 04, 2007

local dialect

Here in the Piney Woods of South Mississippi, one does not "push" a button, one "mashes" a button.

Also, the word spelled "bye" (as in "goodbye"), it's "bah" not "bi".

And I'm not sure I've ever been anywhere else where people who live outside the town proper live in "the county." (not "the country")

Folks from way out in the county don't say "daddy" they say "diddy".


Mizufae said...

this is completely off topic but i just came from Twisty's blog where you wanted to know about mormon underpants, and as i have recently had to explain them to someone else, i figured i could throw you a link:
(the best part is "what is so secret about mormon underwear?"

rather than tangent twisty's voracious thread, i thought this may be the more appropriate location. no, i'm not mormon, and yes, i think mormon underpants are hilarious. of course, i also think any religious garment is hilarious, if surrounded by an air of mysticism. tefilin, anyone?

Jezebella said...

Sweet! Thanks for the link. I've been curious about this for months now.