Thursday, January 11, 2007

I almost completely forgot to mention

Designer Shoe Warehouse, which I visited in Atlanta.

Oh my bog. You need the latest pair of plastic Jessica Simpson hooker shoes? They've got 'em. Impossibly tall Prada heels? Check. Cole Haan? Naturalizer? Skechers? They've got it all. And at discount prices. Damn. I didn't buy anything but it sure would be nice to live near a store where I know I could get a pair of shoes if I really needed something specific. Plus it's like ORGANIZED and CLEAN and the rows are nice and wide and there are really cute gay boys shopping over in the mens' department.

I so miss living in a real city.


hedonistic pleasureseeker said...

Ah, I just visited my local DSW and found a fierce pair of snakeskin stiletto sandals . . . marked down 60%, and when I used my gift certificate I ended up paying $21 for them. It felt like stealing! I love DSW!!!

Jezebella said...

Beautymous! I have got to move to a real city, I swear.