Monday, September 18, 2006

About Recycling for Charities: Wireless Cell Phone Recycling Fundraising Nonprofit

About Recycling for Charities: Wireless Cell Phone Recycling Fundraising Nonprofit

Got junk? You know you do: old cell phones, PDAs, whatever, that are sitting at the bottom of a drawer somewhere. Go to this website to find out how you can help a charity and clean out a drawer at the same time.

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Looking for a great way to raise thousands of dollars for your school or club? The EcoPhones Cell Phone, PDA & Ink Jet Printer Cartridge Recycling Fundraiser pays up to $300 per cell phone and up to $5 per ink jet cartridge! Earn cash for every cell phone and ink jet cartridge guaranteed - we even pay for broken, non-working phones and ink jet printer cartridges. (Sorry, no toner cartridges please.) Unlike other programs EcoPhones guarantees payment for every item - even ones not on our list of more than 600+ models. There's nothing to buy and nothing to sell. Simply ask parents, neighbors, co-workers and local businesses to donate and recycle their cell phones and cartridges.

With more than 100 million used cell phones throughout the United States it's much easier than you may think. In addition, EcoPhones provides FREE customizable marketing materials and free shipping from anywhere in the U.S. including Alaska. Join the more than 15,000 schools, clubs, and churches just like yours that have raised much-needed funds for their organizations.

For more information, you may register online at or call (888) Eco-Phones / (888) 326-7466. We'll send you a free Welcome Kit packet with color posters, a guide to running a successful recycling fundraiser, price lists, pre-paid shipping labels, and everything else you'll need to get started.